Our co-operative of families aims to build a financial system where sustainability drives profits, through collective intelligence and joint investments.

We are mired in a short-termist system that targets infinite growth and assumes inexhaustible resources at a time when those inputs are disappearing. This is not only untenable, but we have started paying for it very personally, in terms of our health, access to basic needs (water, food, habitat), social cohesion and humanity. The good news is that we are at the source of the problem: if we change our system, we can resolve things. Furthermore, the massive scale and complexity of the problem mean that we cannot tackle it head on. We must act strategically, by being catalytic in developing systemic responses.

That is what The Good Investors seeks to achieve by combining the capabilities of families to share deal flow and due diligence, invest and manage investments together and build a community of action to catalyse systemic change. By focussing strategically on tomorrow’s business models and supporting inevitable societal changes, we will generate superior financial returns in the long term and catalyse others to follow suit. As families with multi-generational horizons, we have the motivation, means and opportunity to affect our society’s path. We might not be able to change the world overnight, but the right actions today will generate huge financial and human dividends over time.